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Hi, my name is Hadar, and this is my website containing part of my book, "Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Socrates: The True Religion of Love".  I am passionate about studying the teachings of the world's great religions and their similarities!

This website contains part of my book which teaches the similarities of the teachings of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and other religions and their founders, such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, and Socrates.  Some of the topics of the book include the "Golden Rule" and the "Silver Rule" and how they can bring you happiness,  the importance of being humble instead of arrogant and how doing that will make you more successful,  the importance of choosing good thoughts, good words, and good actions instead of bad ones, the importance of kindness, compassion, and love for all others and how doing that will bring you happiness and good friendships,  the importance of forgiveness and forgiving others for your own peace of mind, why not to worry,  the importance of following your passion/calling/mission/life's purpose, why having wealth and lots of money is very overrated, how to become healthy by prayer and by eating the right diet, how to live so that you ensure that you go to heaven and not hell after you pass away,  the teachings of the Holy Bible, the Noble Qur'an (Koran), and Buddhist texts and other spiritual & religious texts on how to achieve happiness and success, and, finally, the importance of tithing (giving 10% of your money to the poor) without letting anyone else know about it and how that will greatly improve your financial situation and bring you happiness and blessings, and much more! The text is divided into 9 parts, which you can read for free below.  Enjoy! 

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